ADAO Issues Urgent Message Encouraging Others to Spread the Word About the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

Although the anger of families like mine remains strong, our shift to action has become stronger. The good news is we are closer than ever to implementing a full ban. But we need your help to make it happen. Our new ADAO message will advance education and prevention.


What should people know about Asbestos?

Asbestos is a carcinogen and has not been banned. It is a silent killer – hazardous when inhaled – with no warning properties such as taste or odor. Now the Acting Surgeon General has acknowledged the dangers of asbestos, issuing a strong warning earlier this year that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure.

“Asbestos is a carcinogen. Ban asbestos now. Asbestos can cause cancer and irreversible lung damage.  Asbestos has no warning properties —you can’t see it, smell it or taste it.  Avoid asbestos exposure, and consult the CPSCEPANIOSHILO and WHO guidelines, regulations and laws.”

What can you do to Help?

Copy and paste this into an email. Post the new ADAO warning and educational resource link on Facebook and Twitter.  Watch and forward the one minute ADAO ban asbestos commercial.

With one click of the mouse at the BanAsbestos website, you can send a letter to your representatives, letting them know how strongly YOU support an asbestos ban.


ADAO and You

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization serves as the leading “voice of the victims. Jordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson, our renowned Science Advisory BoardNational Asbestos Awareness Campaign and annual Asbestos Awareness Day Conferences increase asbestos awareness to prevent exposure.

For every life lost to asbestos, a shattered family is left behind. Like you, patients, doctors and volunteers around the world are still turning their anger to action. I want to thank you for your ongoing support, for your action, for the difference we can make – together.

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