By | December 12, 2008

Asbestos Tiles in St. Louis Possibly Disposed of Improperly

A north St. Louis County fire district is under investigation by state and county authorities for the removal and disposal of floor tiles, possibly containing asbestos, from a recently purchased building.… Read More

By | December 11, 2008

Seattle Mesothelioma Victim Fights For After Death Rights

James Ross is a 71-year-old Seattle man who worked for 51 years as a Seattle-based brakeman and conductor for Great Northern Railway and the subsequent companies that purchased the railway company. A… Read More

By | December 10, 2008

Cancer Deaths May Overtake Heart Disease

Heart disease may be losing its number-one position in the next two years as cancer quickly takes its place as the number-one killer. In reports released on Tuesday by international health experts,… Read More

By | December 10, 2008

How Do I Go About Getting A Second Opinion?

Recently, we discussed that obtaining a second opinion for a mesothelioma diagnosis is a personal decision. Today we turn our focus to the process of actually getting that second opinion. Unfortunately, in this age… Read More

By | December 9, 2008

Montana Asbestos Lawsuit Settled with W.R. Grace & Co.

More news on the asbestos tragedy of Libby, Montana: W.R. Grace & Co. has recently agreed to pay up to $140 million in order to settle a class-action asbestos lawsuit resulting from… Read More

By | December 8, 2008

Should I Get a Second Opinion for My Mesothelioma Diagnosis?

I consider it always in one’s best interests to explore all viable mesothelioma treatment options. In preparation you should work closely with your diagnosing physician or primary care physician as he or she… Read More

By | December 5, 2008

Evaluating Mesothelioma Specialists and Treatment Facilities

I have been given a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Since this is a rare disease, how do I know that my physicians have enough experience with the disease to treat me? Ask! Don’t… Read More

By | December 4, 2008

New Mesothelioma Clinical Trials in Texas and Pennsylvania

There are currently two clinical trials seeking patients with mesothelioma. The first is looking for patients with advanced stages of pleural mesothelioma in Pennsylvania and Texas. Merck & Co., Inc., a global pharmaceutical company,… Read More

By | December 3, 2008

Vermont Asbestos Cleanup Will Cost Over $200 Million

State and federal officials announced in Northern Vermont that a cleanup of the hazardous waste from the Belvidere Mountain asbestos mine located in Lowell and Eden (operated for nearly a century in… Read More

By | December 2, 2008

Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Awareness

Many cancer awareness organizations deemed last month as Lung Cancer Awareness Month; this year lung cancer will claim the lives of over 100,000 Americans. In spite of such statistics, lung cancer often goes… Read More