By | May 24, 2011

Avandia Pulled From Shelves Months After Dangers Known

The Food & Drug Administration announced last week that it will pull the diabetes drug Avandia and its sister medications Avandamet and Avandaryl from retail pharmacy shelves beginning in November. After Nov. 18, only certified… Read More

By | May 5, 2011

What to Do if You've Been Exposed to Asbestos

Many union workers exposed to asbestos have been led to believe that they have no legal options once they are diagnosed with mesothelioma. That’s not true. The St. Louis Labor Tribune, the… Read More

By | April 27, 2011

Newer Birth Control Pills Like Yaz Aren’t Always Better

New studies find Yaz three times more likely to cause fatal blood clots, while reported deaths near 200 Yaz birth control is three times more likely to cause fatal blood clots than older, oral… Read More

By | December 3, 2010

Add Your Mesothelioma Story to "Voices on the Wall" Awareness Campaign

Asbestos is a human carcinogen with no safe level of exposure. This is truth that sadly thousands of people around the world discover every year when they learn the devastating news that… Read More

By | November 29, 2010

"Killer in the Attic" News Series Emphasizes Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

Andrew Schneider has written a 4-part series for AOL News focusing on the dangers of asbestos-riddled zonolite insulation and the massive failure of the EPA to inform and protect the public. It’s… Read More

By | November 24, 2010

FDA Pulls Darvon, Darvocet from Market for Heart Risks

The maker of the pain killer medicine known as Darvon and Darvocet, or propoxyphene, announced last week it will stop making the popular drugs because it can cause serious heart rhythm abnormalities,… Read More

By | November 1, 2010

Doctors on Pharma Payroll Not Always Experts, New Investigation Finds

Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? It’s a simple, but significant act on which our entire judicial system rests.… Read More

By | September 1, 2010

New Study Warns Meridia Weight Loss Pill Increases Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

People with heart disease who want to lose weight should avoid taking Abbott’s weight loss pill Meridia, according to a new study funded by the drug’s manufacturer. In Europe, the drug, known… Read More

By | September 1, 2010

It’s good to give green: SEF presents $210k to area charities

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “when I do good, I feel good” and recently I couldn’t feel anything but good about the support the Simmons Employee Foundation provides to area charities.… Read More

By | July 21, 2010

BBC’s "Dangers in the Dust" asbestos investigation highlights "take home" asbestos exposure

At long last, we’re seeing some meaningful, in-depth media coverage surrounding asbestos exposure and the horrible diseases it causes, like mesothelioma. This is all courtesy of a collaboration between the BBC’s International… Read More