Finding a Mesothelioma Specialist and Asking the Right Questions

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, finding the right doctor and being actively involved in your treatment are two of the best steps you can take. Mesothelioma doctors are the best physicians for treatment of mesothelioma; a general practitioner may be highly qualified but lack experience with your specific symptoms.

There are many questions to ask a doctor about his or her qualifications and experience. Do you know how many times the doctor has diagnosed and prescribed treatment for mesothelioma? What are the doctor’s related skills? A cancer specialist may have the benefit of a variety of experience, especially when it comes to locating clinical trials and other options you may wish to consider if FDA-approved medicine or treatment isn’t giving the results you need.

Another important question for your mesothelioma doctor – how does he or she feel about alternative medicine and experimental drugs? Do you want your mesothelioma treatment options to include clinical trials? A doctor who isn’t open to experimental medicine or alternative therapies may discourage you from trying them. If you agree, there is no conflict, but those who wish to keep all options open should look for mesothelioma doctors who feel the same way.

There are many alternative treatments. One is known as photodynamic therapy – an experimental treatment which uses energy from light to destroy cancerous cells. This may be used in combination with surgery. Other options include gene therapy and immunotherapy. Ask your doctor about these mesothelioma treatment options and how they may apply in your case. It’s important to remember some doctors may disagree about the effectiveness of one type of treatment while remaining optimistic about your chances with other alternatives.

Much depends on the nature of your specific symptoms, what stage the disease is in, and the state of your overall health. Don’t assume your mesothelioma doctor is against any alternative treatments just because one type is ruled out in your case. You may not be considered a good candidate for certain options if you aren’t healthy enough to withstand the treatment.

Mesothelioma help is available in many forms. The first stop on the road to treatment of mesothelioma is verification of your condition, and you may wish to get a second opinion on your diagnosis from a mesothelioma specialist. A great number of mesothelioma symptoms are non-specific, meaning they are common among a variety of diseases. If you have any doubts as to the actual nature of your condition, a second opinion from an expert is always a good idea. Once you fully understand the nature and extent of your condition, you can make a fully informed choice on the right doctor or specialist for you.

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