Learning Bioposy Results & Understanding a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

How Will I Learn About My Biopsy Results, and How Can I Be Sure the Diagnosis is Mesothelioma?

After the pathologist has reviewed the fluid or tissue specimen he will issue a report stating the findings and diagnosis. This report will be provided to your doctor. Normally, the physician or surgeon that performed the biopsy will receive the results. If you were referred to this physician by your primary care provider, the performing physician may prefer to have your personal physician relay the results to you.

You should not feel slighted should this happen. Many doctors I have spoken with feel that if the patient is more comfortable with a personal physician, the patient is more likely to ask questions about mesothelioma treatment and seek out additional medical consultations.

As a precaution and for better understanding you should:

  • Not accept the results of any pathological testing over the telephone;
  • Schedule your follow-up appointment with your doctor to answer your questions;
  • Bring with you a list of any questions you may have regarding your mesothelioma diagnosis;
  • Ask your spouse or other family member to accompany you to the appointment so that you have not only support, but an extra pair of ears to take in what your doctor is telling you.

And remember that as a cancer patient you have the right:

  • To ask your doctor questions regarding your diagnosis and the procedures performed to obtain the diagnosis;
  • To seek a second opinion from another qualified physician or expert;
  • To receive complete information about your illness;
  • To be informed of all mesothelioma treatment options, including that of chemotherapy, surgical intervention, radiation and other procedures as well as the risks and benefits associated with each;
  • To choose your type of care, including that of alternative medicine or palliative care, providing you understand all risks involved.
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