Meet the Attorney: Trent Miracle

Attorney Trent Miracle decided to become a lawyer because he wanted to help people who have the odds stacked against them.

pharmaceutical attorneys“You are not alone, but you alone can make the decision to stand up for yourself,” Trent said. “Once you do that, we are here to help you with the rest.”

With more than 20 years of experience helping individuals who have been harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices, Trent is a leader in the Pharmaceutical Litigation Group of Simmons Hanly Conroy. Through the years, Trent has worked with thousands of people in cases against large pharmaceutical companies.

With a national reputation in the area of pharmaceutical litigation, Trent and his fellow attorneys have secured nearly $360 million in settlements on behalf of their clients harmed by major pharmaceutical drugs like Bextra, Yaz, Vioxx, Ortho Evra, and Ephedra.

But Trent’s successes extend beyond the growth of the firm. With a career highly focused on fighting for clients, Trent consistently gives personal attention to the men and women he helps.

“A day doesn’t go by that someone on my team or myself responds to e-mails from clients, calls a client back or responds to an after-hours call from a client,” he said.

As a pharmaceutical lawyer, Trent and his team win cases by proving that a drug is not an outlier but is actually a significant contributing factor in causing an injury. It can be a very difficult link to establish.

“It’s a challenge because there’s no template for these kinds of cases,” Trent said, “but the injuries are so awful it makes it easy to fight for our clients.”


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