Mesothelioma & Asbestos News Round Up – March 13, 2009

Unfortunately, there are some sad and disturbing stories hitting the news wire this week.

In one instance, Chrysler literally stopped a funeral in progress to subpoena the funeral director for possession of the body of a recently deceased and beloved grandpa. Serving the funeral director moments before the burial was to occur; Chrysler further punished an innocent family.

Also, the lawyers for indicted W.R. Grace officials fought to keep out the testimony of environmental experts. Claiming they were “surprised” by the evidence that they were poisoning an entire town, they sought to keep damning evidence from citizen jurors.

National Asbestos News

  • Environmental and medical experts testified at the Libby Trial this week. They testified that asbestos levels in Libby far exceeded EPA regulations. Additionally, a medical expert testified that at least 1,800 citizens in Libby have been diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases.
  • Finally, a citizen and business owner in Libby, Montana testified how Grace knowingly sold her asbestos-contaminated property. She explained how here greenhoused and plant nursery business resulted in asbestos fibers being lodged in her lungs. She also testified that Grace knew she would be exposed to asbestos.
  • Chrysler as an asbestos defendant: In what can only be described as “shocking,” Chrysler gives justification for the bad name that Big Business currently suffers from.

Asbestos in our Lives

  • “Seussical the Musical” was postponed in Bucks County, Pennsylvania after possible asbestos was discovered in the auditorium where the production was to be seen.
  • Middletown, Delaware: A fundraiser for mesothelioma victims was held last weekend at the Granite Run Mall in Middletown.

Mesothelioma Medical Developments

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