Speak Out Against Asbestos Use in North America

Every year more than 10,000 Americans die every year from asbestos related diseases, like mesothelioma. As asbestos attorneys, we see the hardship this disease can cause on individuals and families first hand.

The worst part is that this is a preventable disease. Many people think prevention steps have already been taken through an asbestos ban, but that’s not true. Asbestos is still used in certain products in the United States. In Canada, it’s legal to mine and export this deadly mineral to developing countries like India.

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization has organized a petition against asbestos use in North America. Released today, the goal is to collect 10,000 signatures to send to President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Please give a few minutes of your time to sign and pass the petition on to your friends and family.

Sign the North American Declaration to Eliminate Asbestos-Related Disease Petition.

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