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Whistleblower Attorneys

Simmons Hanly Conroy attorneys have the experience to handle your qui tam litigation. An individual (often referred to as “whistleblower” or “relator”) who knows of fraud committed against the government may file a lawsuit to recover the losses caused by the fraud.

Qui tam is an abbreviated version of the Latin phrase “Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso,” which means: “He who sues on behalf of the King, as well as for Himself.” It is a provision of the False Claims Act that provides significant financial incentives to a whistleblower to retain counsel to prosecute these lawsuits and fight government fraud.

At Simmons Hanly Conroy, shareholder Paul Hanly helps oversee a team of experienced attorneys that can handle your case and help you navigate the complicated world of qui tam litigation. We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of these cases.

Handling Qui Tam Cases

Simmons Hanly Conroy is well-equipped to handle your case with the discretion and privacy needed to allow you to feel confident in your decision to expose government fraud. Some common areas where qui tam cases are found:

  • Healthcare, specifically Medicare and Medicaid
  • Defense contractors
  • Environmental programs
  • Loan guarantees
  • Federal government construction
  • Customs
  • Public works projects

To read about all the different types of whisteblower cases, please visit the page on types of cases.

If you believe you have a qui tam case, please contact us today for a free legal consultation.

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