Lauren Migliorato is an attorney at Simmons Hanly Conroy, where she is a member of the class action and mass tort litigation team.

With a strong attention to detail and client-centered approach, Lauren is committed to making the legal process as stress-free as possible for those she serves.

“I became an attorney to help people,” said Lauren. “The legal system can be complicated and hard to navigate, making an already difficult situation even harder. I wanted the knowledge and experience to lead clients through the process towards a positive outcome.”

In addition to relieving any unnecessary burdens that may arise, Lauren strives to ensure her clients’ voices are heard and their needs are prioritized throughout the legal journey.

“I genuinely care about each client’s story. I value their perspective and empathize with their struggles. I dedicate my full time and attention to each case in order to obtain the results our clients deserve.”

Protecting Individuals from Negligent Companies

Lauren is proud to help level the playing field between powerful companies and everyday people who’ve been harmed in some way. She has been involved in multiple high-profile cases while continuing to champion the rights of those she represents.

“I value the ability to get relief for clients who have been unfairly wronged by larger companies through class action lawsuits, where individually it would be much harder for each to prevail,” Lauren explained. “I like knowing we’re fighting the good fight.”

Lauren was part of the team that secured a $600 million settlement for residents of East Palestine, Ohio, after a train derailment in 2023 contaminated the area with dangerous chemicals.

She reviewed documents and conducted research related to the case, which ultimately concluded with the transportation company Norfolk Southern being held accountable for its negligence.

Lauren has also worked on cases involved in the ongoing national prescription opioid MDL, which seeks to address the crisis created in part by drug manufacturers, distributors and retail pharmacies.

She’s not one to shy away from challenging cases, including those against billion-dollar industries. Her commitment to securing justice for those she represents remains steadfast.

“I’m dedicated to thoroughly exploring all the options available, and I bring a very detail-oriented focus to each case,” said Lauren. “I’m genuinely invested in obtaining the best result possible for our clients, especially when they’re faced with what seems like insurmountable opposition.”

Background & Experience

Lauren attended the University of Illinois, where she studied psychology and English. After graduating, she went on to earn her J.D. from the Northern Illinois College of Law.

With over 15 years of experience encompassing internet privacy, pharmaceutical litigation, environmental law, regulatory compliance and employment law, Lauren brings a comprehensive understanding of various practice areas to her work.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Lauren is also an active volunteer with the CLT Foundation and The Sandbox. These two organizations aim to improve the lives of children dealing with serious medical conditions like cancer.

Headshot of Attorney Lauren Migliorato

Practice Areas:

  • Mass Torts & Class Actions
  • Prescription Opioid Litigation

Bar and Court Admissions:


  • University of Illinois, B.A., 2006
  • Northern Illinois College of Law, J.D., 2009