Celebrating Meso Heroes Across the Miles


People come from all over to attend the Alton Miles for Meso race to show Ryan Kiwala with David Dsupport for their loved ones.

David Dioguardi and his family made the trip from Chicago to Alton for last year’s race, where his attorney Ryan Kiwala ran in his honor.

When David was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2011, he was told that he had four months to live.

“We were shocked and devastated,” David’s daughters wrote in their Share Your Story on ADAO’s website. “We began planning how we would be spending our last few months with him.”

David’s doctors referred him to the University of Chicago Medicine’s Mesothelioma Program. It was there he learned about additional treatment options. David had a radical pleurectomy, a procedure that removed about 90 percent of the tumors from the lining of his lung, and afterward went through chemotherapy.

Four years later, David is still fighting.

Inspired by their dad’s heroic fight against cancer, the Dioguardi family started a charity called the Mesothelioma Heroes Foundation that works to raise awareness about asbestos and fund research for a cure. The family’s “I Know a Superhero Event,” a family fun festival and softball tournament, will take place Aug. 22 in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood of southwest Chicago.

“It’s especially inspiring to see a client who takes his personal experience with mesothelioma and turns it into something so positive, like Dave has done with Mesothelioma Heroes,” said Ryan Kiwala, the Simmons Hanly Conroy attorney who worked on David’s mesothelioma lawsuit.

Attending fundraising events like Miles for Meso and the I Know a Superhero Event are a great way to show support for those impacted by mesothelioma. Join others like the Dioguardi family and register now.

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