Double Decker Bus Crashes Into Concrete Pillar

Today, a tragedy happened not 20 minutes from my office. A double-decker Megabus was in a horrible accident on Interstate 55, just north of Litchfield, Ill., and details continue to emerge. As someone immersed in cases involving serious injuries, I hate to turn on the news and see an accident like this. All of us do. 

The bus reportedly slammed into a concrete pillar of an overpass bridge while traveling south from Chicago to St. Louis. The main impact was on the driver’s side. Early reports state the crash was due to a flat tire. 

While the number of injuries hasn’t been reported yet, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch stated that more than a dozen ambulances and medical helicopters were on scene. 

My heart goes out to everyone who was riding on that bus and their families. 

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