Qui Tam Lawsuits

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An individual with personal knowledge of someone who knowingly submits or causes to be submitted false claims to the federal government.

The length of time for a qui tam case varies depending on:

– the facts of your case
– the length of time it takes the government to decide whether or not they will intervene
– whether or not the government intervenes
– whether the case settles prior to trial

Therefore, your case could take anywhere from a matter of months to years. The median length of time for a case where the government has intervened is approximately 38 months. However, these cases have been resolved as quickly as 4 months and have taken as long as 187 months.

The Department of Justice makes this determination. Unfortunately, there is no published criteria, which identifies what factors are evaluated. Historically, certain areas have seen higher intervention rates than others, specifically the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense. This is not completely unexpected as these two areas represent roughly 80 percent of all the cases that are filed.

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