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Petroleum refineries are a maze of distillation plants, furnaces, reactor units, heat exchangers, tanks, boilers, cooling towers – all interwoven by a network of pipelines, valves, wires, ducts, and pumps. One enormous structure common to many refineries is a catalytic cracking unit (or “cat cracker”), which distills crude oil into gasoline using high temperature heat exchangers, boilers, heaters and pumps.

For years, these structures were treated with high temperature resistant asbestos insulation, gaskets, packing material, and other asbestos building products. Cat crackers and other refinery structures became especially dangerous work sites during routine maintenance shutdowns or “turnarounds,” when asbestos materials were torn out and disturbed, exposing workers, contractors, and their family members.

Workers at refineries, especially during the 1940s through 1970s, were at substantial risk of exposure to asbestos, and should now be exploring their legal options. Call (800) 326-8900 now to see if our asbestos attorneys can help your family secure compensation after a mesothelioma diagnosis. It costs nothing to speak with us.

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Simmons Hanly Conroy Helps Refinery Workers With Mesothelioma

Because of their experience in such dangerous environments, refinery workers are at high risk for asbestos exposure. The staff at Simmons Hanly Conroy have worked with hundreds of refinery workers at various plants and in various trades, including: engineers, insulators, electricians, general laborers, pipefitters, millwrights, boilermakers, carpenters, welders, foremen, metal workers, and other crafts.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease as a result of asbestos exposure at an oil refinery, contact us today to discuss your legal options.

Our clients have worked on staff or as contractors at other various oil refineries across the United States, including:

  • Advance Oil Refinery – Centralia, IL
  • American Oil Refinery-Morris, IL
  • Amoco Oil Refinery – Whiting, IN
  • Amoco Oil Refinery – Casper, WY
  • Amoco Oil Refinery – Wood River, IL
  • Arco Oil Refinery – Carson, CA
  • Arco Refinery – Ferndale, WA
  • Asamera Oil Refinery – Commerce City, CO
  • Atlantic Richfield Refinery – Carson, CA
  • Beyond Petroleum Refinery – Lima, OH
  • Champlin Oil Refinery – Enid, OK
  • Chevron Oil Refinery – Manhattan Beach, CA
  • Cinza Refinery (Marathon) – Gallup, NM
  • Cities Service Refinery – Chicago, IL
  • Cities Service Refinery – Lake Charles, LA
  • Cities Service Refinery – East Chicago, IL
  • Conoco Refinery – Billings, MT
  • Conoco Refinery – Denver, CO
  • Conoco Refinery – Commerce City, CO
  • Conoco Refinery – East Chicago, IL
  • Conoco Refinery – Glen Rock, WY
  • Derby Refinery – Wichita, KS
  • E.C.I Oil Refinery/Earth Core Investments – Whiting, IN
  • Empire Petroleum – Commerce City, CO
  • Exxon Oil Refinery – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Exxon Mobile – Augusta, KS
  • Exxon Mobile – Lendale, NJ
  • Exxon Refinery – Baytown, TX
  • Frontier Refinery – Cheyenne, WY
  • Good Hope Oil Refinery – Slidell, LA
  • Gulf Oil Corporation/Chevron Refinery – Miami, OH
  • Gulf Oil Refinery/Chevron USA – Hooven, OH
  • Gulf Refinery – Toledo, OH
  • Gulf Refinery – Elk City, UT
  • Indian Refinery aka Texaco Refinery – Lawrenceville, IL
  • Jupiter Refinery – Lake Charles, LA
  • Koch Petroleum Corp (Refinery) – Rosemount, MN
  • Magnolia Petroleum Refinery – Beaumont, TX
  • Marathon Oil Refinery (Marathon/Ashland) – Robinson, IL
  • Marathon Oil Refinery – Gramercy, LA
  • Marathon Refinery – Rock Island, IL
  • Mobil Oil Refinery – Casper, WY
  • Mobil Oil Refinery – Joliet, IL
  • Mobil Oil Refinery – Sauget, IL
  • NCRA Refinery – McPherson, KS
  • Ohio Oil Refinery – Robinson, IL
  • Standard Oil Refinery – Casper, WY
  • Pacific Refinery – Hurkulis, CA
  • Phillips Oil Refinery – Kansas City, MO
  • Phillips Oil Refinery/ Conoco Phillips – Fairfax, KS
  • Phillips Petro Refinery – Phillips, TX
  • Phillips Refinery – Fort Stockton, TX
  • Phillips Refinery-Borger, TX
  • Phillips Refinery-Okmulgee, OK
  • Shell Oil Company – Martinez, CA
  • Shell Oil Refinery – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Shell Oil Refinery – New Orleans, LA
  • Shell Oil Refinery – Deer Park, TX
  • Shell Oil Refinery-Long Beach, CA
  • Shell Oil Refinery – Los Angeles, CA
  • Shell Oil Refinery – Roxana, IL
  • Shell Oil Refinery – Bakersfield, CA
  • Sinclair Oil Refinery – Petoskey, MI
  • Sinclair Refinery – Hartford, IL
  • Sinclair Refinery Powerhouse – East Chicago, IN
  • Skelly Oil/Texaco Refinery/TRMI Holdings – El Dorado, KS
  • Standard Oil Company (aka American Oil Company; aka AMOCO Oil Company) – Whiting, IN
  • Standard Oil Refinery – Honolulu, HI
  • Standard Oil Refinery-/BP Amoco-Sugar Creek, MO
  • Standard Oil Refinery – Wood River, IL
  • Standard Oil/Chevron – Richmond, CA
  • Sun Oil/Sunoco/DX Sunray/Tosco – Duncan, OK
  • Sunray DX Refinery (aka Sun Oil Refinery; aka Sunoco Inc) – Tulsa, OK
  • Suntide/Allen Refinery – Allen, OK
  • Texaco Eagle Point Refinery – Westville, NJ
  • Texaco Refinery – Anacortes, WA
  • Texaco Refinery – Romeoville, IL
  • Texaco Refinery – Corpus Cristi, TX
  • Texaco Refinery -Convent/Union, LA
  • Texaco Refinery – Lawrenceville, IL
  • Texaco Refinery-Amarillo, TX
  • Tidewater Oil Refinery – Avon, CA
  • Toro Refinery – Pana, IL
  • Union Oil Refinery – Rodeo, CA
  • Valero Refinery – Corpus Christi, TX
  • Vickers Refinery/Valero – Ardmore, OK
  • Wood River Refinery – Wood River, IL
  • Carter Oil and Refining – Billings, MT

Oil Refinery Asbestos Example

The Texaco Oil Company Refinery, also known as the Indian Refinery has been linked to asbestos exposure. Some basic facts about the facility include:

  • Facility: Plant and properties formerly located on 990 acre plot south of Lawrenceville, Illinois
  • Principle Operating Years: 1908-1985
  • Ownership: Formed as Central Refining Company and Indian Refining Company in 1908. Acquired by Texaco (now a subsidiary of the Chevron Corporation) from the Indian Refining Company in 1931. Operated by Texaco until 1985.
  • Daily Crude Processing Capacity (1913): 3,000 Barrels
  • Daily Crude Processing Capacity (1985): 65,000 Barrels
  • Products: gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, burner, oil, liquid petroleum gas, diesel oil, kerosene, asphalt materials, lube oil, and motor oil
  • Fate: Closed permanently in 1995. Subsequently demolished and designated a hazardous superfund site by the Environmental Protection Agency

Sources: United States (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency; U.S. Department of Commerce. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Program (NOAA) Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration (DARRP); Lawrence County, Illinois Historical SocietyThe Chicago Tribune: 3/8/1985Illinois Department of Natural Resources\Illinois Environmental Protection Agency; Moody’s Analyses of Investments

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