Steel Workers and Asbestos Exposure

Steel workers face an exceedingly high risk of asbestos exposure due to the nature of their work. Because of the intense heat required to manufacture steel, asbestos was used as a heat shielding agent in steel factory fixtures and machinery. Furthermore, protective garments for steel workers, such as gloves, leggings and aprons, were often made of asbestos.

Between the fibers released into the atmosphere of steel factories from machinery and fixtures, and the asbestos garments worn very close to workers’ bodies to protect them from extreme heat conditions, it’s no surprise that mesothelioma cancer has been well-documented in men and women in the steel-making industry. Worse, asbestos fibers often stuck to the clothing of steel workers and were transported home to be inhaled by their spouses and children.

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Today, more than 30 years after the United States government issued warnings about the lethal nature of asbestos in industrial workplaces, people are still being diagnosed with diseases and conditions related to asbestos exposure. Because there is a long latency period – about 10 to 50 years – for mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases, many individuals do not develop symptoms until the late stages of the disease. By that time, treatment options are reduced to palliative procedures to reduce pain and suffering.

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