Simmons Hanly Conroy Investigates Serious Side Effects of Invokana in Type-2 Diabetes Patients

ALTON, Ill. – Simmons Hanly Conroy is now investigating claims that Invokana, a drug used to treat type-2 diabetes, is linked to serious health injuries. This drug, along with other similar drugs, are believed to result in kidney failure, heart attack or hospitalization due to diabetic ketoacidosis or acidosis.

Invokana belongs to the sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors drug class. This class works by inhibiting some kidney functions, increasing the amount of blood sugar passed through the urine, thus lowering blood sugar levels.

“Many patients prescribed these drugs are unaware of the adverse side effects associated with them,” said Trent Miracle, Simmons Hanly Conroy Shareholder leading the investigation. “Experiencing these complications can be both confusing and life threatening to someone who, as far as they had been told, are taking the right steps to manage their type-2 diabetes.”

Since the drug’s release, there have been over 450 reports linking serious side effects to the use of Invokana filed with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) MedWatch Program. SGLT-2 inhibitors are FDA approved to lower blood sugar in adults with type-2 diabetes; however, early testing revealed serious health risks associated with use, including ketoacidosis. It is important to note that these drugs are not approved for use in patients with type-1 diabetes.

Ketoacidosis develops when a person’s blood sugar is too low and cells do not receive the glucose needed to produce energy. As a result, chemicals created by the body when fat is broken down for energy are produced. These chemicals are called ketones. As more ketones are produced, they build up in the blood, disrupting the normal pH levels and making it more acidic. Ketoacidosis is a serious illness and can lead to hospitalization.

According to the FDA, the Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) database identified 20 cases of acidosis reported as diabetic ketoacidosis, ketoacidosis or ketosis in patients treated with SGLT-2 inhibitors from March 2013 to June 2014. All of these cases required emergency room visits or hospitalization for treatment.

In light of the increased safety concern, Simmons Hanly Conroy is now investigating SGLT-2 drugs Invokana, Invokamet, Farxiga, Xigduo XR, Jardiance and Glyxambi.

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