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Law Firms Court Small Businesses Suing Corporate Giants on Contingency Basis

Recent findings, released in May from Washington, D.C.-based The Polling Co. Inc., support the assumption that businesses of all sizes are looking to those they normally face across the aisle in a… Read More

Court OKs Use of Challenged Expert in Asbestos Trial

In a decision likely to be cited in many toxic tort cases, the Delaware Superior Court for New Castle County denied a motion in limine, by the DaimlerChrysler Corp., to exclude expert… Read More

Pathologist Heads Effort to Get Compensation for Ex-Plant Workers

A pathologist who helped some Mallinckrodt workers and their families get compensation for radiation-induced cancers is spearheading a similar effort for former workers at two Metro-East plants once involved in the nation’s… Read More

Delaware Judge Finds Opinions Linking Chrysotile To Mesothelioma Reliable

Medical and scientific general causation experts presented by plaintiffs alleging that their exposure to friction products in DaimlerChrysler vehicles has caused or will cause asbestos-related disease are sufficiently reliable to pass muster… Read More

Analysts Unsettled by Marketing of Vioxx

Although a New Jersey jury spared Merck & Co. a double hit to the pocketbook, analysts are concerned that its negative findings on the marketing of Vioxx could continue to hurt the… Read More

Legal Profession Goes Global

STEVE INSKEEP, host: No amount of security will protect American lawyers from an import that comes along with globalization. Lawyers and judges have to deal with laws from other countries. NPR’s Ari… Read More

‘Affordable’ USG Asbestos Plan

USG Corp. announced a unique asbestos-liability settlement Monday that could let the Chicago-based wallboard manufacturer emerge from bankruptcy by fall, repay its debtors in full, and resolve all current and future personal-injury… Read More

Market weighs latest Vioxx blow

As the first federal jury deliberates whether Merck & Co.’s painkiller Vioxx contributed to a Florida man’s death, investors on Friday digested new claims that the battered company withheld key data about… Read More

Simmons Hanly Conroy to Fund New Cancer Institute

The Simmons Hanly Conroy, announced today that it has pledged $10.2 million to fund a new cancer institute at Southern Illinois University (SIU). The institute, which will be named The Simmons Hanly… Read More

Asbestos: Case Marks New Generation of Victims

A judge has sanctioned Rancho Cordova’s Aerojet for falsely denying it ever used cancer-causing asbestos in rockets and missiles it has manufactured since the early 1950s. Judge Robert Dierker of the Missouri… Read More