Asbestos and Mesothelioma Updates: December 2012

The mesothelioma lawyers at the Firm have brought together recent headlines highlighting the dangers of asbestos exposure and new information concerning mesothelioma research from throughout the nation and world.

  • Developer pleads guilty in Sweet Home asbestos case.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Potter argued that failed land developer Dan Desler cared more about making a profit for himself than he did about the health of other people after he released a hazardous pollutant, asbestos, into the air. Read More about Desler’s sentencing and court case now.
  • Developer told to pay $1.6M in asbestos case.
    The Associated Press reports on the case surrounding Dan Desler, who planned to redevelop a sawmill in Sweet Home, but during the demolition process released millions of pounds of dangerous asbestos particles into nearby neighborhoods.
  • Asbestos may pose health hazards in hurricane Sandy’s wake.
    Because of the massive amounts of wreckage, debris and damage wreaked by hurricane Sandy on the east coast, the chances of the presence of asbestos are high. Roofing materials, commonly known to contain asbestos, were damaged, broken and blown off buildings.
  • Asbestos risk for female renovators. 
    Along with the growing craze of do-it-yourself-themed renovation shows on television comes the fear of the next wave of asbestos victims, predicted to be made up of mostly women. Increasing asbestos awareness among renovators is crucial to prevent a growing wave of mesothelioma victims.

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