Asbestos and Mesothelioma Updates: May 2013

Asbestos Removal in Australia

The mesothelioma lawyers at the Firm have brought together recent headlines highlighting the dangers of asbestos exposure and new information concerning mesothelioma research from throughout the nation and world.

  • Asbestos removed as athletes swim on – Asbestos is being removed from the outside of the Australian Institute of Sport Aquatic Centre as the country’s elite swimmers continue to practice inside the building. Daily tests are being conducted to make sure there are no asbestos fibers in the air around the worksite.
  • On-site asbestos detector offers promise of better workplace safety – Currently, the most common way to detect toxic asbestos fibers is to filter the air. This new, portable, real-time technology detects asbestos fibers using laser-based light and a scattering technique.
  • Asbestos removal, demolition contracts for Coultrap OK’d – Asbestos-containing material was found in the former Coultrap School in the Geneva school district. The project will cost $140,000 to remove the asbestos, and $545,900 to tear the building down.
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