Meet the Attorney: Conard Metcalf

J. Conard Metcalf

Conard Metcalf has successfully represented hundreds of men and women diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases, such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. Two representative cases include:

  • Panther v. Raybestos-Manhattan Inc., 701 P.2d 145 (Colo.App. 04/04/1985) in which the plaintiff originally brought suit against four corporations which supplied asbestos products to the shipyard where the plaintiff was employed during World War II. The plaintiff alleges that products manufactured by these corporations were the cause of his asbestosis. Two of the corporations settled prior to trial. After a trial involving the two remaining corporations, the plaintiff was awarded additional damages.
  • Fenton v. Fibreboard Corp., 827 P.2d 564 (Colo.App. 09/12/1991) in which the plaintiff filed an action for wrongful death and loss of consortium arising from the death of her husband from malignant mesothelioma. The complaint was brought against numerous manufacturers of insulation products containing asbestos, and the plaintiff sought compensation based on those manufacturers’ failure-to-warn of the dangers of asbestos. The plaintiff claimed her husband’s exposure to asbestos dust in 1957 and ’58, while working as a plumber during the construction of the United States Air Force Academy, caused mesothelioma. Prior to trial, the plaintiff entered into settlement agreements with a number of manufacturers, including the Johns Mansville Personal Injury Settlement Trust.

Based on his expertise in the courtroom, Mr. Metcalf has been invited to speak about asbestos-related diseases at medical conferences and legal seminars and has published articles about occupational diseases in several legal journals.

Most recently, Metcalf published a short report titled, “Asbestos-Related Lung Cancer: How big business lawyers are hurting cancer patients’ efforts to secure justice.”

In the report, Metcalf address the following problem:

In many cases involving asbestos-related lung cancer, defense attorneys attempt to cast doubt on the well-established science by creatively employing arguments that lack a sound scientific foundation.

To learn more about Conard Metcalf, visit his attorney page.

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