New Study Confirms Public Health Risk Posed by Nitrate Contamination of Drinking Water

Simmons Hanly Conroy Investigating Legal Options of Those Harmed by Nitrates in Drinking Water

Nearly 1 in 10 people living in California’s most productive agricultural area are at risk of exposure to dangerous levels of nitrate contamination in their drinking water, according to a new study released
yesterday by the University of California, Davis. The study was commissioned by the state legislature in 2008.

This study provides a comprehensive look into the sources of contamination and the health crisis it could potentially cause in people who have suffered long exposures to high levels of nitrates in their drinking water. The study further suggests regulatory programs and options for managing nitrate and addressing drinking water issues in the study area.

The study found that nitrate levels contaminating the Tulare Lake Basin region, which is home to 2.6 million people, exceeded the safety limit as determined by the California Department of Public Health by more than double. It attributed 96 percent of the nitrate contamination to the use of fertilizers and other agriculture practices.

What’s most concerning is that the study warns of the long-term dangers of exposure to nitrates at high levels to humans and the environment. It reinforces what many have long known, that nitrate pollution
through run-off is a serious public health concern. Nitrate contamination in groundwater has been linked to thyroid illnesses, some cancers and reproductive problems.

Thanks to advances in public health, Americans have come to expect clean water when they turn on a faucet. To many of us, it’s difficult to imagine that such a serious water pollution concern could be happening in even rural areas. But it is, and experts say the problem is only going to get worse.

Angela Schroeter, an official with a California water agency, recently told the press that “The problem is much, much, much worse than we thought. If we don’t address this, we’re going to have a very serious issue in California.”

In the coming weeks, as the scientific community continues to digest and absorb these new findings about the risks posed by nitrate contamination, the Firm is also reviewing the study’s findings and investigating ways to help California residents who have been adversely impacted. With attorneys in California and throughout the country, our attorneys have more than a decade of experience helping individuals hurt by toxic exposures not unlike the nitrate contamination of drinking water facing California residents.

For more information – or if you believe you or someone you love may have been seriously harmed through drinking water contaminated by nitrates – Contact Us today to learn more about your legal options.

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