Yaz Causes More Harm Than Good

The FDA recently released the results of their long-expected study on contraceptives containing drospirenone. It confirmed that women who take contraceptives such as Yaz are 75 percent more likely to suffer serious side effects from blood clots compared to older birth controls which contain less estrogen. It’s the 10th study investigating the dangerous side effects of this drug.

How many studies will Bayer need before it will admit that <ahref=”/dangerous-drugs/yaz/”>Yaz causes more harm than good? It has been four years since they first ran an ad claiming sensational benefits if women just switched from their old pill to Yaz.

ABC News recently obtained troubling internal documents showing company executives’ reactions to the exaggerated claims of Yaz as a miracle drug.

“This is outstanding!!! Can we get good morning america to do the same segment!!!???!! (tee hee),” one wrote. (typos included)

According to the new FDA study, drospirenone-containing pills and similar birth controls have been linked to 267 deaths. On Dec. 8, the FDA will convene a scientific panel to review this research and nine other similar studies.

As a member of the Yaz Multidistrict Litigation Steering Committee and an attorney representing hundreds who were injured due to Yaz and Yasmin, I have seen what this drug has done to thousands of women first-hand.

It’s my hope that, on behalf of the thousands of women who have taken or are still taking Yaz, they will make the right decision and pull this dangerous drug from the shelves.

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