Simmons Hanly Conroy’s ‘$5 for the Fight’ Donation Drive To Help Unemployed Union Workers Surpasses Goal

A donation match challenge to benefit unemployed St. Louis union workers, spearheaded by Simmons Hanly Conroy, has surpassed its initial $50,000 goal.

Earlier in March, the Firm agreed to match all donations to ‘$5 for the Fight’ fundraiser up to $25,000 for a grand total of $50,000 raised. Last week, officials with the fundraiser, which is organized by the St. Louis Labor Council, announced that nearly $27,500 in outside donations was raised.

“On behalf of the Firm, we are thrilled to see this response and to have played a part in making it happen,” said Attorney Chris Guinn in the St. Louis Labor Tribune. “Thanks to the strength and goodwill of the labor community, this is an outstanding result that will help hard working families throughout the St. Louis area.”

The “$5 for the Fight” Fund was originally established in 1996 by the St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO, to assist union members and their families during a financial crisis while they supported a collective bargaining action. It was redirected in 2009 to support unemployed union families, who through no fault of their own, had fallen on hard times because of the down economy. Last year, the campaign raised $134,000 that helped 472 families pay their rent, afford their mortgage, keep their utilities on, eliminate medical bills and more.

The “$5 for the Fight” Emergency Fund is only possible because of generous donations made by caring businesses like the Firm, union organizations and dedicated individuals. Without them, many of these families would have nowhere to turn for help,” said Robert A. Soutier, president of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council. “Thanks to the leadership of the Firm, we hope it will be possible for us to help even more unemployed union workers with mortgage payments, rent, utilities, medical bills and more in the coming year.”

Donations can still be made by check or online. Mail a check or money order to “$5 for the Fight,” c/o St. Louis Labor Council, 3301 Hollenberg Drive, Bridgeton, MO 63044 and include your union affiliation if applicable. To make an online donation, visit and click “$5 for the Fight” Donations in the left hand column. An option to create a reoccurring automated donation is also available.