Asbestos and Mesothelioma Updates: November 2012

The mesothelioma lawyers at the Firm have brought together recent headlines highlighting the dangers of asbestos exposure and new information concerning mesothelioma research from throughout the nation and world.

  • Baucus, Tester urge EPA to finish Libby asbestos risk study.
    Lawmakers are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with a proposed asbestos safety standard that is meant to guide in the clean-up of Libby, Montana. Libby is a mountain town where hundreds of people have been killed from asbestos-related diseases.
  • EPA investigating report of asbestos in Shamokin demolition pile.
    A demolition pile full of building debris in Shamokin is being tested for possible asbestos contamination by the Environmental Protection Agency. Samples were collected to be used in laboratory analyses to determine if asbestos particles are present.
  • Cwmcarn High School asbestos: Parent and pupil concerns.
    A high school in Europe closed unexpectedly due to the discovery of asbestos following a structural investigation. About 900 students are unable to attend school because of the asbestos. Parents are concerned their children’s exposure to asbestos will negatively impact their health in 30 to 40 years time.
  • Meadowbank mine workers warned of asbestos in Ore.
    Individuals working in a Meadowbank gold mine have been warned they could be mining ore containing harmful asbestos. The mine currently employs about 750 employees itself, with another 300 contractor employees, all of which work directly with the ore to some extent.

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